Global Closed Beta Test Starts

Get Ready to Dive into 「Deep Log」!

CBT Time
9/12 10:00 – 9/16 10:00 (GMT+8).
Server 24hrs Opened.

CBT Hunter Mission

Mission 1

Clear stage 3-6 during CBT will get “Element Metal x 100”.

Mission 2

Fill in questionnaire and Get Specify Bonus shown as in the form below.

Reward RequirementBonus
Play the game and Fill in Questionnaire, but Mission 1 IncompleteElement Metal×100
Complete Mission 1 and Fill in QuestionnaireElement Metal×200

  • ※ Complete Mission 1 and Fill in Questionnaire will at most get “Element Metal×300”
  • ※ If you didn’t create a character or take part in CBT, you wouldn’t Get any Bonus from Filling in Questionnaire.
About Reward
  • 1."Element Metal" can be used to purchase Capsule in game.
  • 2.Bonus from Mission 2 will be delivered depends on which one of the requirements you reach.
  • 3.Will be delivered when the game open beta.
  • 4.Serial number of Reward will be sent to the Gmail you used to apply for CBT.
  • 5.Way about how to exchange Reward will be announced later.

Hunt the BUG

Method A

Click the Gear-liked icon in the upper right corner in game and then click “Report a Problem ”shown as below.

Method B

Click the button below to submit the bug you found on the event site.

※We do attach importance to the advices of those CBT participants.
We would do our best to optimize the gaming experience for you.

Game Content


Max Level: Lv.20
Playable Characters: X、Zero、Alia、Axl、Ultimate Armor X、Vile、Marino、Pallette

Story Mode

Challenge stages for fix the glitchs in the Deep Log.

Co-op Mode

Lv.20 Open.
In this mode, you can clear stages with your partner.


Lv.16 Open.
Fight with the other players in 1V1, 3V3 and more modes.


Lv.13 Open.
Weapons can be equipped chips to get extra skills.

※Open Beta functions, status and game balance will be different from those of Closed Beta version.


  • 1.Please note that all data from closed beta test accounts will be deleted after the event.
  • 2.We may shut down the system for maintenance because of any unpreventable factor/problem during the event period. Thanks for your consideration for any inconvenience caused.
  • 3.Event notices will be announced at our fanpage if there is any change.
  • 4.Capcom Taiwan LTD. reserves the right to modify, suspend, or terminate the content of event. Please follow up our fanpage for the latest notices.