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INTRO:A design based on Omega Zero from MMZ3 and Awakened Zero From MMX5. Omega Zero has his own unique z-saber so why not Awakened Zero as well? that`s mainly the idea of this saber. I got few inspiration coming from Omega Zero. and i made the handle modeled after Zero`s helmet to give an idea that Zero is the original owner of this weapon.




INTRO:従来バスターのシンプルなフォルムを保ちつつ、黒メインで発色のいい色をアクセントにネオ系のデザインにしました。かっこよく馴染みやすいことを意識しました。 連射力は低く一度に2発。しかし攻撃力と速度は高く、正確に攻撃することができれば敵の数が多い場面で有利。 チャージ攻撃が可能で、威力は一発の攻撃の2.5〜3倍。しかし数秒のクールタイムがある。 攻撃時、弾の軌道にネオンカラーの波紋型の残像が残る。 装備状態になると中央の青い部分に電光が走る。




INTRO:Brutal Saber
This saber is based on ancient Spartan blades, this saber weapon craves the heat of battle. The body of the saber is made from lightweight materials for easy handling and no speed hinderance. The body of the handle is silver with a bright red blade and accompanying hilt spikes.The hilt is equipped with beam spikes to protect the user in close combat. When in range the spikes deal damage to enemies, any enemy that rushes you is in deep trouble when the Brutal saber is equipped. With the B Saber it’s user can deliver fast and powerful strikes at the cost of range.The slashes delivered drain energy fast but it recharges just as quickly. Using the B Saber repeatedly charges its burst blade attack, once enough energy is stored, The user can unleash its fury. Burst Blade launches a wide slash projectile similar to Zero’s Hadangeki technique. Its powerful but does not travel far, it is best to use this technique on enemies that have grouped together for the best results. This close range weapon is shorter than most sabers, use with caution and precision. The B Saber is meant to be taken into battle by anyone who wishes to deal damage to any and all Mavericks, the perfect weapon for any Maverick hunter




INTRO:從國中就很喜歡洛克人,一直到長大,每代大概都全破了十遍,當看到DiVE時,心想隔了很久X系列終於出新遊戲,不免有很多的悸動湧入。在我玩過的動作遊戲裡,洛克人打擊感與耐玩性無人能及,一直是我最愛把玩的遊戲。介於對洛克人的熱愛,所以想要藉此比賽,做出屬於大家的DiVE武器,也請喜歡洛克人的同好們,多多指教了。也期許手機板的洛克人,能激起更多新朋友與老朋友回憶與火花。 設計理念:作品以白色[X]當成標誌,前視圖是眼睛的造型,如同鷹眼般,每次擊發都能百發百中,砲身設計以網格去呈現,網路的電子迴路,以增加電流般的科技感,洛克人在集器時,白色X會相應發光,集滿氣後會閃逤,再其發射出破壞光束,一一擊破敵人。



PSEUDONYM:أتألق تشوماتسوري

INTRO: This is my second weapon design. I really liked ​​this competition
Category: Saber
Name: Time Hand
How to use : The player throws it at the enemy then the enemy will paralyze for 5 seconds.(I think it will be useful with bosses)It can also be used for attack




・弾は紫色のウイルスショットを発射 直接ダメージに加え徐々にライフを減らす効果




INTRO:the whole idea came very sudden when i saw ultimate armor`s plasma buster and think `what if there`s another weapon in mmx except a buster with an engine powered by plasma` most ranged weapon i`m aware of shoots a normal energy shot or physical ammo but not ultimate armor`s plasma charged shot which i thought is very versatile and dangerous also very stand out from the others. thus why i stick with the idea of plasma minigun. the small ball carrying some of the plasma energy is it`s main source of ammo. the red light will also turn bright when the engine is ready and reloaded. and there`re 3 small output on the upper part and 1 big output on the bottom which will produce a small electricity from the result of using the plasma ammo. hopefully this is acceptable and understandable.




大きな雪玉をひとつずつ発射。雪玉は放物線軌道でとんでいく(ロックマン8のウォーターバルーンに近い)連射は出来ないし、威力もそれほどでもないが敵に当たると雪だるま状態にしてしまい、しばらく動けなくなるほか接触ダメージもなくなる。面倒な敵は雪だるまに変えて回避するのも手だ。チャージ攻撃では雪玉を転がし、敵に当たるか一定距離進むたびに雪玉と威力が大きくなっていく。かなりクセの強い武器。 カラーは氷属性の武器らしく寒色系にしました。




INTRO:Hi! I`m a 17 year old student from Brazil. I`ve always been passionate about drawing, almost as much as playing megaman. I`ve been drawing ever since I was younger, but started taking it more seriously three years ago. It has always been very frustrating, but you can improve over time with a lot of trial and error, just like playing megaman. I hope you enjoy the design.



PSEUDONYM:أتألق تشوماتسوري

INTRO:This is my third weapon. Thank you for this competition
Category: Saber
Name: Red Sea
The blade made of hard glass. With a red liquid inside. I added some red roses.




INTRO:Steampunk Gatling Gun
This old fashioned gatling gun is an industrial weapon completely powered by steam, all you gotta do is turn the crank to fire. With turning cogs and gears used to rotate the pipe, this will make this weapon extremely powerful and dangerous. Make sure to keep a close eye on the steam gauge, you don`t want the pressure to reach too high or it will cause the weapon to malfunction. Other than that, with this retro style weapon there`s no telling what capabilities you may have!




INTRO:"Z Katana"
This concept may be too common but I really want to see Zero using Katana-like Saber. So I designed this based on Z Saber`s colors and real Katana to make it more Sci-fi and matching Mega Man`s overall design. The sheath part I design it shorter than the actual Katana part because it is long enough to store the Katana`s part that not the energy (laser?) part. This may not be able to include in-game but I`ll include it for fun. (If it can include that would be cool too!) As you can see. I also include the Z letter to hilt and sheath designs. Z letter also based on Mega Man Zero`s Logo too. to make sure this is his Z Katana!




INTRO:A design that I previously scrapped because it has a lot similar design with my previous Gatling design. so I re work most of the body but still keep few of the same details, which is the purple crystal and purple glow. Originally it has an open Wing similar to Ultimate Armor`s Buster which will work as an "Energy Disposal" but then I realize the design is a bit too Wide so it might looks unnatural for a hand buster thus i decide to make the Wing Closed instead of Open. Like all my previous designs, i just like the idea of the energy colored Purple instead of red, yellow or green because i think purple gives an idea of more "cool and evil" just like Awakened Zero and Omega Zero which most of their slash and shots are purple instead of green or yellow. I also use the traditional X Armors Color pattern which is white, yellow and Blue with the hope of this will make it to the game so it will fit most of X armors. And probably, White Axl too.




INTRO:The Sharknader
This mechanical shark can fire actual sharks with supreme water shark power. Sharks detonate upon impact causing any and all foes a sharky explosion and meet an unfortunate sharky end. The sharks produced also make good pets.




INTRO:武器名:ラージッポ(large + zippo)
ライターをモチーフにデザインした炎属性の武器です。 火炎放射器型のバスターで、3方向に炎を噴射して攻撃する(ファイヤーウェーブが3方向に展開するイメージ) 射程距離は短いが前方扇状に広い攻撃範囲があり、1撃の威力は弱くても炎を噴射し続ける事で連続ヒットするのでトータルダメージは大きい。 チャージ攻撃ではフタが開き、攻撃範囲が狭くなるかわりに威力の高い青い炎で攻撃する。








INTRO:I am a lifelong Mega Man fan. Thank you all so much for making this new game and allowing us to compete to be a part of the action! My creation is called the "Skullbuster". I imagine the skull opening up to deliver a shot of energy to an enemy! Also it could be possible that the spirit inside is the "Zero Virus", giving it great, unlimited power! :) Thank you for viewing my submission! -Curtis Scifres




INTRO:A buster based on the wily machine from Megaman 7. Um, I don`t know what else to write, but apparently I have to input at least 200 characters or else it won`t let me submit the image. uhhh, I wanted it to somewhat resemble something from the classic series, so it was either going to be a skull from one of the many wily machines or that snake head that shoots you from snakeman stage.




INTRO:I`m Gabriele and I`m an indie videogame developer and a comic book artist. I love Rockman and Capcom and I hope you will enjoy my design. My creation is a Buster named Barkster, it uses sound to attack. It has a sound wave capacitor that uses to create a hypersonic bark shot.




INTRO:炎属性の武器です。和の雰囲気が出せていれば良いのですが。 龍の頭をかたどった武器です。 ありふれたデザインではありますが、以外とこう言うバスターって少ない様に思いまして描きました(私が知らないだけだったら すいません(苦笑) 龍の角の部分からは 火が焚かれ 龍の口の発射口からはバーナーが放たれ 敵を焼き尽くす 熱々なバスターです。 植物系、氷系 の敵に効果を発揮する、と言うような 効果が期待出来る 武器になれば良いかなと思います




INTRO:武器名;「チョップバスター(Chop Buster)」
別名「ナンデ・ヤネン バスター」
手の形をしたショットスプレッダーで、上下3方向に拡散する弾を発射できるぞ! ネタ武器ほど、意外とスピードランなどで重宝したりは・・・しませんか? Shot-spreader-buster. (like a hand shape.) It can shoots 3-directions at the same time.




INTRO:Dark Energy Buster
This is a powerful buster made from the remnants fragments from the Evil/Dark Energy from the past Megaman 8 Bosses. The buster`s main body is purple colored and translucid. A pulsing dark energy can be seen flowing inside the main buster body. This weapon gives degenerative damage status to the enemies that receive charged shots



PSEUDONYM:Zero Ainsworth

INTRO:The saber that I designed is based on a bird feather, I wanted to experiment with the colors because I have not seen many sabers with black colors.




INTRO:This odd Saber has a physical blade, and it seems to resemble an old model Robot Master! Hmm, did it just glare at us? Must be my imagination. This mighty sword is a great cutting implement. With rolling cuts and swift swings, it`s a dueling weapon of the finest order! The Ancient Cutter is more than a match for modern weapons, and offers the keen precision of a pair of scissors! That reminds me of someone, though I can`t put my finger on it... Anyway, it`s a sword! A good old fashioned sword. Can`t argue with a good sword, yeah? ...Anybody seen Cut Man around? :0




INTRO:I was inspired by Megaman X8 Interchangeable Armor parts, and thought how about do the same to a saber and/or buster? The Saber Color,shape, Liveries, etc will change depending on which armor parts are based on for the saber, except the handle. just like how X still has some of his original armor parts even after equipped with different armors. with that in mind, I created this design that is based on X himself. Originally i want the saber to have an "X" shape anywhere in it or at least make it has an odd shape. But it looks so unnatural and out of place, that`s where i thought about "combining" few different parts into 1 saber hence the giant and odd shape of the saber.




INTRO:ZERO在我小時候,對於刀劍能用到如此帥的沒有第二人,特別在X4中,洛克人畫面大改版,順道也能直接選擇ZERO遊玩,用起來真的很爽,特別是劍技的組合,能有如此多的變化,感覺就是被格鬥遊戲指令,給巧妙注入後的一個角色,使用特武出招都不切換武器,也無彈葯限制,近身攻擊又強,對他真的是大愛呀,爾後ZERO又出了GBA版的,設計這麼精良的角色,單獨自己出了個系列一點也不為過。 設計理念:作品以ZERO的[Z]當成刀柄的設計,光刀造型採用扁平,三階層次以增加豐富性,當中有夾雜線路光紋訊息,採未曾出現的雙頭刀身,其在攻擊時隨著正反砍殺,可以自由伸縮前後光刀的長度,使ZERO在駕馭光刀時,更佳得心應手。




INTRO:A buster that somewhat resembles the head of a shark. I thought it would be cool if there was a buster that had a sort of "safe mode", where when you`re not using it, it can`t shoot because the mouth of the shark it`s closed.




INTRO:I wanted to try something a bit different from a traditional saber weapon so I decided to go with a design more similar to that of a buzz saw or pizza slicer. It is a music themed weapon so I have incorporated several elements and parts from audio equipment such as speakers, equalizers, an AUX-cord, microphone and more. Just like when in a CD-player, the CD — or in this case the saw blade — will spin at great speed when turned on which allows it to cut through enemies. Since the weapon is music themed I envision it to have abilities centred around the use of sound. These could be either meant for support or offence. The music from the weapon could perhaps buff the wielder or the weapon could be able to create shock waves or sonic booms to cause damage. Maybe the wielder could even sing or yell into the microphone to create the shock waves? I would also like to imagine that the equalizers on the weapon would react to music or sounds by listening through the weapon`s microphone. By the handle of the weapon there are two buttons: One which — by using their thumb — allows the wielder to control the volume of the weapon and with that control the strength of the sound-based attacks, and one by their index finger which is the switch to turn the weapon on or off so the wielder can control when the blade should be spinning. I hope you find my design interesting!




INTRO:オーソドックスな電気タイプの武器です。記号的な雷と電源プラグをもとにデザインしました。 バスターから電気を帯びた物理的なトゲを発射して攻撃します。バスター武器でありながら近接戦も想定されており、銃口の針を敵に刺すことでスタンガンのように直接電気を流してダメージとともに対象を痺れさせる効果があります。通常のバスターより、威力と当たり判定が大きいかわりに連射はあまり出来ない武器です。 攻撃するときはバスターについた電球が光るので見る分にも楽しい武器です。




INTRO:"Experimental Energy Buster" I design this Buster to be a feeling of "Unstable" or "Experimental". There is an "Energy Cell" that visible inside the buster to be easy to check if something wrong happens when using it. It may look fragile but powerful for sure. It is a dangerous weapon and risky for use. The yellow tubes are something I remember from many of Mega Man`s designs. so I decide to add them to act like some kind of Air Vents or Energy Flowing Tube. I really try to catch a lot of Mega Man`s designs on this weapon like how simple and colorful. For the color I use yellowish-green for the Buster I think it`s made Buster look poisonous and dangerous. also glowing yellow inside the buster to make it much cooler!