Major Update Info Summary

Level cap increase

Player level 70 will be opened & Added level 70 armor.

Research level 4 opened

More research items will be available.

Research Items
Crimson Scythe Memory
Beam Machine Gun Memory
Precision Material Box
Electronic Storage Bottle
Electronic Conversion Bottle

New event system “Dr. Light’s Lab“ added

There are chances to receive various "Program Segments“ through complete all kinds of Dives during the event. Try to combine different amounts of segments to get different rewards.

New event system "Jakob Orbital Elevator" added(Coming Soon)

Beat each layer of "Jakob Orbital Elevator" for lots of reward!

New stages added

New story stages — "Forest" & "Sky (Difficult)", new co-op stage — "Gallery" will be added.

Invincible status adjusted

Except Battle mode, all characters will get Invincible status after receiving damage.

Character basic animation & skill improvements

Character's basic animation & skills will be improved as follows:


《Blood Snake》&《Crimson Shadow》added in-air attack animation.
《Blood Snake》boosted attack speed.

Second Armor X
《Double Charged Shot》shorten time between shots.
《Double Charged Shot》hit detection area made larger and can go through obstacles.

Black Zero
《Raikousen》boosted attack speed.
《Raikousen》shortened the animation after attacking.
《Raikousen》added in-air attack animation.
Appearance animation time shortened.

《Blink》boosted attack speed and added in-air attack animation.

《Melt Creeper》attack tempo modification.
Appearance animation time shortened.
《Green Spinner》added 360 degrees shooting animation.

《Strafing Barrage》boosted attack speed and added in-air attack animation.
《Tactical Roll》boosted attack speed.
《Strafing Barrage》shortened attack animation.

《Whirlwind》boosted attack speed.
《Berserker Charge》boosted attack speed.
Appearance animation time shortened.

Appearance animation time shortened.

Capsule draw rates improvement

Capsule draw rates will be improved as follows:

Regular Capsules
S Rank weapons & characters raised from 3% to 4.5%
A Rank weapons & characters maintain 12%
B Rank weapons & characters lowered from 85% to 83.5%
10th draw on the regular capsules
S Rank weapons & characters raised from 3% to 4.5%
A Rank weapons & characters lowered from 97% to 95.5%

Game UI adjusted

  • • The menu list on the left side of the main page will be opened as default.
  • • Added the “One-button gift” function in Friend AP.

• Added support for more gamepads.

• Modifier detection improvement.

• Fixed some game crashing issues.

• Added customizable function to the direction keys.


If there are differences in this page's info and the info in-game, please refer to in-game info.